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RiseUp SD (Social Distancing)

Our studio is temporarily closed, but we are open for business! 

Are you ready to RiseUp to the SD challenge?

RiseUp SD, Our RiseUp At-Home
Social Distancing Program is LIVE!

We developed this program to keep our community and participants active, committed, and physically and mentally healthy during this unprecedented time.

This is a fully in-home and outside-studio fitness and accountability program.

If you would like to participate in RiseUp SD, we would appreciate a donation in any amount. For those who choose to donate $99 (the cost of an unlimited month of classes), you will be able to redeem your donation for a full month at RiseUp Fitness after re-opening. If you have been laid off or severely financially impacted by the crisis, we would love to have you join us with no donation. Please click the link below to sign up! We will reach out to you within 24 hours. You can also call or text us at (805) 225-3223 with questions!

Program Details
  1. Daily Benefits

    • Online archive of trainer-led workouts released daily that can be done in your home! 

    • Daily Physical Challenge (short, fun challenges based on self-selected fitness level) 

    • Regular Podcasts with updates, tips, suggestions, and entertainment! 

  2. Weekly Benefits

    • Multiple in-home online workouts from which to choose over the week.

    • Live workouts streamed via Zoom multiple times per week!

    • An outdoor selection of workouts - choose your favorites and get it done!

    • Nutritional guidelines and goals to keep you feeling strong and healthy!

    • You will connect with the RiseUp community (over 250 members strong!) online via Slack to keep each other safe and motivated!

    • Your family can participate alongside you! Hello, outdoor and in-home challenges - ready to out-plank your children? 

    • RiseUp SD will utilize the combination of community, communication with each other and the RiseUp trainers, and exciting challenges to keep you engaged day after day! 

    • We plan to initially run the program for 30 days, but we will adjust based on the current conditions. 

Our main goal is to keep our members safe, sane, and fit through this difficult and unprecedented time. We are stronger as a community - and we believe we can continue that sense of community - but far away from each other!

Try your first class for FREE!
Introductory Month of UNLIMITED Classes is $99!
No contracts or introductory fees required!
Classes and Schedule
Every RiseUp Fitness class is a high energy, bright and exciting one-hour workout guaranteed to leave you feeling strong, sweaty, and ready to RiseUp to any challenge. 
Let's Talk!
One of our expert trainers will contact you to discuss your fitness goals and any questions or concerns you may have.

The RiseUp Team

Addie Clarke

Partner / Trainer

Addie was born in St. Louis, MO and grew up in Tokyo, Japan before moving to Santa Barbara with her family. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2015 with degrees in Biological Anthropology and Industrial Engineering before heading back to the beach with a remarkable wealth of primate trivia. Addie trained in classical ballet throughout high school and college, tirelessly fighting flat feet and inflexible hips before turning to group fitness as a new way to sweat, grow, and excel in athletics. She has since become extremely passionate about supporting and motivating people to discover their (often unexpected) potential in health and fitness. In her spare time, Addie enjoys baking, dancing, writing, and occasionally making a fool of herself on the stage in local theatrical productions.

Kyle Visin

Partner / Trainer

Kyle Visin grew up in Santa Clarita, and after high school decided it was time to head for the beach. He graduated from UCSB in 2005 and worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer developing Atomic Force Microscopes before he chose to pursue his true passion for health and fitness. Kyle takes a very analytical approach in his training and coaching to help people of all levels achieve their goals. He is regarded as a top level triathlete and has competed in numerous national and world championship events. Kyle placed 6th in the International Triathlon Union World Championships (2015) and 2nd at the Ironman Hawaii World Championships (2012). In his spare time, Kyle enjoys playing with his daughter Sloan and getting outside with family and friends in our beautiful beachside community.

Emily Foley

Partner / Trainer

Emily was born and raised in Santa Barbara. Her love of athletics became apparent at a young age and she played soccer, basketball, and volleyball. She graduated from UCLA in 2008 with a BA in Psychology and Masters in Early Childhood Special Education and worked in the field for almost a decade. After rediscovering her true passion for fitness, Emily took her love of teaching and transformed it to high standard of athletic training, which allows her to guide people to the next level in their health and fitness. Emily is a top level athlete and in 2015 placed 1st in her age group in the Wildflower Ironman 70.3, 1st in her age group in the Gibraltar Cycling Time Trial and completed Ironman Canada. In her free time, Emily loves to stay active and spend time with her friends and family.

Shannon Foley


Shannon is easily recognized by her giant smile, encouraging attitude, and killer athleticism at RiseUp! There is no one more excited about Team or Partner Day - although I'm sure a few of our members would vie for that crown! Before her days at RiseUp, she was crushing the soccer field and inspiring her fellow teammates with her enthusiasm and drive. Shannon is now a nurse at Cottage Hospital, uses that that same enthusiasm for life to engage with patients to help them recover and heal.

Skylar Urban

Sharon Stevens


Sharon is the one you'll see ripping out 100 push-ups in a row without breaking a sweat - she's a lifelong athlete who has been pushing herself to new levels at RiseUp! Sharon is never afraid of a challenge, and has found that her drive to motivate herself can also drive others to reach new goals in their workouts. With careers in management and physical education, Sharon knows how to keep a workout organized and safe, while keeping an eye on numbers and technique.

Dominic Velazquez


Skylar was born and raised in the Santa Ynez Valley and attended college at Cal Poly. After graduating in 2012, he found his way back to the promised land that is Santa Barbara. He was very involved in team sports growing up, and played soccer all through college. You can't help but smile when Skylar walks in the room, bringing positivity, humor, and inspiration to his fellow gym-goers at every workout. Since he started working out at RiseUp, he has steadily built through the levels and enjoys improving everyday. For him, fitness is an outlet from the day to day grind and offers a great opportunity to meet people, get healthy, and work up a sweat! He's generous with his energy, wit, and passion, and employs them all to help every member reach their full potential.


Dominic is a true Santa Barbara native, repping our city's athletic talents back in football at Dos Pueblos, and continuing to inspire people to sweat everyday as a local fitness trainer. In his spare time, he trains and competes in jiu jitsu, and he's excited to bring that dedication and strength to RiseUp.

Why People Love to RiseUp

“Emily, Kyle, and Addie make a phenomenal team. They are kind, motivational, and real. Each one of them cares about you as a person. They aren’t just in this business for the money or “cool” factor. They want to help people become better versions of themselves. The classes are fun, well-structured, and as challenging as you want to make them. All the trainers are knowledgeable and supportive. The gym is clean, the equipment is new, it’s in a great location, easily accessible from the freeway, with lots of parking. Highly recommend.” 
—  Lisette