What to Expect

  • You'll get an amazing workout. Prepare to get sweaty. Wear athletic clothes, bring a water bottle and towel, and wear a face mask. 

  • You'll get your temperature checked. Arrive 5-10 minutes before the class begins and line up outside the studio. A smiling (behind their mask!) trainer will contactlessly take your temperature and check you in. 

  • You'll be given cleaning supplies. You will collect a cleaning towel and bottle of disinfectant to sanitize your stations. 

  • You will be welcomed. The trainer will greet you and give you a brief tour. You will head to our outdoor open-air studio then get settled at a socially-distanced station. 

  • You will feel comfortable. Your trainer will show you how to use the equipment and guide you through every aspect of the workout. This is a "no pressure" workout.  You can expect a motivational and supportive community and environment. 

  • You will be a part of our community. After the class, the trainer will check in with you, answer any questions you may have, and assist you with the steps to help you join the RiseUp family!

Why you should choose RiseUp Fitness:

  • We have a huge outdoor area (2,400sq feet) which allows distance between all stations.

  • Fully fenced area with shade to keep you cool and out of the sun or rain.

  • Effective 45-minute workouts - complete with cardio machines and strength equipment.

  • Personalized goals and targets for each workout. 

  • Reduced class sizes.

  • We offer 8 instructor led workouts each day to fit YOUR schedule!

  • All machines and equipment are fully sanitized and disinfected between each class.

  • Access to our restroom and touchless bottle fill station.

  • Check here to view our enhanced safety protocol.